We Got the Message

There is a great myth that becomes the frustration of everyone who serves in ministry. That myth is the idea that there will be no “hard times” or no “crisis” when you are serving God. The reality is that, if there are people involved, there WILL be crisis eventually. Some of these crisis’ just shouldn’t be handled alone. As a matter of fact, handling crisis alone can make you feel like you are stranded on an island with no one to turn to. Abba Father has called us to receive these “messages in a bottle”  and we have said YES to be the Very Present Help to those who are in need.

“God is my strength and my refuge. A very present help in times of trouble” Psalm 46:1

Our Mandate

Strengthen Through Coaching

Strength does not come from someone else doing the work. A good coach will guide and direct to get the most out of his players gifts, talents, and abilities.

Support Through Serving

A servant’s heart is the #1 attribute of a son. Jesus was the ultimate example of that and a Very Present Help Ministries will be there to re-present Abba Father and his love for his children.

Encourage Through Loving

Every successful ministry has a foundation of Love and Encouragement from Fathers who speak identity into it. We love not only with our words, but with actions as well.

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